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Netgear produces some of the finest devices equipped with latest technology such as modems, routers, extenders. Internet is the only thing which we need to have when making the connections with modem or routers etc. These days people are using smartphones to manage network or to setup wifi router. You can also do that by downloading Nighthawk-app.

In this site we have provided basic troubleshooting and tips to improve you setup experience.

Cable the Modem Router in a Simple Steps:-

The modem router comes configured to work as both a modem and a router. You can share your Internet connection without connecting the modem router to a router or gateway.

  • Connect a coaxial cable. Use the coaxial cable that your cable company provides to connect the cable port on the modem router to a cable wall outlet or a line splitter.
  • Now Connect the power adapter provided in the package to the modem router and plug the power adapter in to an electrical outlet.
  • Press the Power On/Off button on the rear panel of the modem router. The Power LED lights green. You can log in to the modem router to view or change its settings

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Netgear is one of the most trusted names in providing the Networking and communication solutions devices. The Netgear has some of the best device models present in their catalog. Netgear believes in combing out all the internet and networking issues that the users face while using the network. Netgear is absolutely dedicated toward the betterment of the lives of people by innovating and converting the technologies into the high tech devices.

Netgear Wifi Reset

Although the Netgear wireless routers and other devices like modems and repeaters are very stable, efficient and durable but still sometimes the router tend to malfunction due to any reason. Some of the reasons due to which the routers tend to malfunction are listed as under.

If the user forgets the login password for the router

In case if you forget the login password of the router for login, don’t get panic. Go with the reset procedure for the router login password. The reset of the router can be done by one of the two methods available. The reset methods through which we can reset the router are as under.

  • router Reset via the reset button
  • wifi router Reset through the web based interface of the router

Reset button- The Netgear routers can be easily reset to its original factory settings by pressing the reset given on the back of the router panel. Just insert a pinpointed object like a paper pin or paperclip and hold the button pressed for at least 5 seconds. The router will get reset automatically and will reboot with in few seconds. The lights on the indicator panel will go off and on indicating the router reset.

NOTE- Kindly note that once you reset your router, all the settings written on the router will be erased and you will have to re configure the router with new settings all again.

Resetting The Router Through The Web Interface Of The Router

Resetting your Netgear router through the web based interface is an easy task to be done. The Netger reset process through the web interface is almost same as configuring the router through the web address http://routerlogin.net 

In this section, we will help you with the reset of the router through the web portal. Follow the below mentioned procedure carefully to reset the router.

  • Assuming that you are still connected to the router and you want to reset it.
  • Open the web browser and enter the web address net in the address bar and hit the enter key.
  • Enter the username and the password you have set or enter the default username and password which are “admin” and “password”.
  • Upon logging in to the homepage of the router, you will see the settings tab and click it.
  • Now, look out for the reset tab. After clicking the reset tab, the router lights will go off and then on indicating the router reset.
  • Your Netgear router will go through a reboot. Wait for the reboot to finish properly.

Connecting The Router To The Device

The connection of the router to your device like the Desktop or laptop can be done through one of the few below mentioned methods. The connection methods are as under.

  • Connecting via the WPS button
  • Connecting wirelessly through the Wi-Fi
  • Ethernet cable connection

Connecting via the WPS button- Here in this part, we will let you know about connecting your router through the WPS button. The WPS stands for the Wi-Fi protected setup. This WPS method is quite safe and secure method to get connected to your router.

Following are some easy steps to connect your router to the PC.

  • Open the router contents from its packing.
  • Connect the power supply adapter to the wall socket and the router. Switch on the power supply.
  • On switching on the lights, wait for the lights on the router get stable.
  • Now, press the WPS button on the router and almost at the same time press the WPS tab on your PC.
  • Make sure that theWPS buttons on both the devices are pressed simultaneously. This will lead to the successful connection in between the router and the device.
  • However you will need to configure your router with the settings by logging in through the web address routerlogin.net.

Advantages WPS connection

There are several advantages. Some of them are listed as under.

  1. The WPS method is quite safe and secure to use.
  2. The WPS connection method is quite fast to use and set up the connection in between the device.

Disadvantages of WPS button

There are not much disadvantages regarding the connection through the WPS button. But still one single problem with this way is that the users don’t synchronise the simultaneous pressing of the WPS button. 

Cable Your Modem Router to a Router and Use Bridge Mode

If you want to cable the modem router to a router, then you must log in to the modem router and change its Router Mode setting. Changing this setting prevents certain network conflicts that can occur when two devices on the same network perform routing functions such as network address translation (NAT) and DHCP (assigning IP addresses to devices on the network). This turns the modem router into a bridged modem

To cable your modem router to a gateway or router:

  1. Connect a coaxial cable. Use the coaxial cable that your cable company provides to connect the cable port on the modem router to a cable wall outlet or a line splitter.
  2. Connect the power adapter to the modem router and plug the power adapter into an electrical outlet. The Power LED lights green.
  3. On your computer or wireless device, find and select the WiFi network. The WiFi network name is on the product label.
  4. Join the WiFi network and enter the WiFi password. The password is on the product label. Your wireless device connects to the WiFi network.
  5. Launch a web browser.
  6. Type http://routerlogin.net or A login screen displays. Hardware Setup 12 Nighthawk AC1900 WiFi Cable Modem Router.
  7. Enter the modem router user name and password. The user name is admin. The default password is password. The user name and password are case-sensitive. The BASIC Home screen displays.
  8. Select ADVANCED > Administration > Router Mode.
  9. Select the No radio button. With this setting, the modem router works as a bridge and obtains IP addresses from the cable Internet provider.
  10. Click the Apply button. Your change is saved.
  11. Follow the instructions that came with your router or gateway to connect it to the modem router.

Functionality of buttons you will find on Extender –

WPS button – Press the WPS button to wirelessly connect the Extender to your router or wireless adapter.

Factory Reset button – To use this button, stick a paper clip into the reset hole and hold it until the Status LED flashes.

Ethernet port – You can connect a computer or other device to this port as described in the User Manual.

What types of login details you can find on Modem Routers ?

Separate types of logins have different purposes. It is important that you understand the difference so that you know which login to use when.

Different Types of logins:

  • WiFi network key or password. Your modem router is preset with a unique wireless network name (SSID) and password for wireless access. This information is on the modem router label. Note: Your modem router broadcasts dual-band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi signals. The label shows the SSID for the 2.4 GHz signal. For information about 5 GHz WiFi settings.
  • Modem Router login.This logs you in to the modem router interface as admin from an Internet browser.
Netgear C7000 Modem Features
c7000 modem reset

Faqs :

Q: Not able to update Netgear router firmware, the firmware file might be corrupted?

S: Sometimes it gets hard when the user is getting an error message while updating firmware. You can do these following things to avoid this message. While updating firmware manually check the hardware version and exact model number. Updating firmware with genie page gets easy but it requires internet connection so make sure it is stable and while updating you don’t loose internet.

Q: How to configure wifi router in access point mode?

S: Setting up router in access point mode is easy and requires user to login into routerlogin.net.

  • Open www.routerlogin.net login and enter username and password.
  • Once you login you need to click on advanced and then select router mode. Now in the router mode selection click on access point and reboot.
Q: How to set up parental controls on Netgear router?

S: Parental controls is best for parents who want to control what to offer children online and what to block. Parental controls can be setup by opening router page and going on the Netgear parental controls bar. Here you need to create an account and select filters to block websites.


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